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Meet Erin


Erin Dong was born in Santa Cruz Ca in 1984 and moved to Portland Oregon with her family as a young girl. It was here she spent time with her Grandfather who showed, owned, and bred Tennesse Walking Horses. Erin was often found cleaning stalls, taking lessons, grooming, and yes, hanging out with the farrier. It was this time and experience in her life where Erin knew then that her passion for horses would propel her into a carreer working with them.

In 2009, Erin started a four year apprenticeship under an AFA Journeyman Farrier and in 2013 she passed her American Farriers Certified Exam. Today she is building her farrier bussiness and continuing her education thru the AFA.

In her spare time she trains and rides her BLM mustang mare, pushing towards desired goals and strengthening their relationship.